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@moritzfl moritzfl released this Jul 29, 2019

bugfixes, library upgrades, library for dark mode changed
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@moritzfl moritzfl released this Jun 21, 2019

This release includes a minor visible change:

  • Dark Mode Support for macOS

Under the hood, there is more:

  • migrated build system from Maven to Gradle
  • removed calls through the Reflection API in my own implementation to be more future proof. Some third party dependencies still rely on it though.
  • tweaked the way in which a latex-expression is inserted into a rendered pdf. The extraction of expressions from rendered pdfs is fully backwards compatible.
  • switched to a lightweight library for detecting the users Desktop folder instead of relying on my own implementation
  • the same library is also responsible for determining the settings folder. This might result in the settings having to be reentered after upgrading to this release.
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@moritzfl moritzfl released this Mar 3, 2019


  • There is now a hidden (white) text on all rendered pdf files that contains the original latex expression used to render the image. This information is kept even if the pdf is inserted into Microsoft Office Applications. This means that Mathematical Latex Helper can now import such images from Microsoft Office without the need for OCR (if exported as pdf from Microsoft Office - if you export as a raster graphic the white font naturally gets lost on the white background).
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@moritzfl moritzfl released this Feb 23, 2019


  • Integration of Mathpix API
  • Better overall import for pdf images
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@moritzfl moritzfl released this Feb 12, 2019


  • some fonts could not be loaded when rendering pdfs. This resulted in an error.
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@moritzfl moritzfl released this Feb 10, 2019

  • Add OCR functionality as fallback when other retrieval methods for recovery of tex expression fail
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@moritzfl moritzfl released this Feb 10, 2019

Added features:

  • can now render to pdf
  • now displays directory where pdf and png are saved to when hitting the save button
  • now always tries to save to the desktop
  • can decode both pdf and pngs to retrieve the LaTeX String. Simply drag and drop a file in the editor area of the user interface. Or copy a file to the system clipboard and hit control+v (or cmd+v on macOS) to retrieve the text.
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@moritzfl moritzfl released this Feb 7, 2019

  • now includes SourceCodePro as font for text input
  • optimised build for newer java versions
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@moritzfl moritzfl released this Feb 15, 2018


  • Update jlatexmath to 1.0.6
  • Change font for text input to Courier
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@moritzfl moritzfl released this May 18, 2017

  • Updated library to jlatexmath 1.0.5 from 1.0.3. Refer to jlatexmath changelog for information on added features and bugfixes.
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