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A set of Mitamae roles/tasks to configure my Ubuntu-based laptop
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Laptop Provisioning Build Status

This is a set of mitamae recipes to configure my Ubuntu-based laptop (currently Ubuntu Bionic Beaver).

Should you have questions/concerns/ideas for improvements just send me a message, hit me up on Mastodon or submit a PR. Thanks!

Note: Prior to using MItamae recipes this repository contained a set of Ansible playbooks. They are archived in the ansible branch.


A Debian/Ubuntu-based machine. It's not tested on any other operating system.

You will also want to fetch all the required git submodules:

$ git submodule update --init --recursive

Be sure to update your local submodule definitions from time to time, should you want to stay "current":

$ git submodule update --recursive --remote


  • Vagrant >= 2.1.2
  • Docker >= 18.03.0-ce


Just run

$ ./

You can optionally specify a log level:

$ LOG_LEVEL=debug ./


$ vagrant up --provider docker --provision

You should have a box provisioned using the MItamae definitions afterwards.

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