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Buildroot Camera RPi


Download Release

Download a pre-build release and flash it to a sd card (e.g. using Etcher)

Build a custom version

Clone Repo and submodules

git clone
cd buildroot-camera-rpi
git submodule init
git submodule update

Run make xconfig, make changes, save and then close window.

Run make all and wait about 2h ☕️

The resulting image can be found in output/images.


Configuration files can be found on the boot partition of the SD card.


homebridge-camera-rpi.conf.json contains the configuration for homebridge-camera-rpi


wpa_supplicant - is a folder containing configurations in the format wpa_supplicant-INTERFACE.conf

These are normal wpa_supplicant config files. INTERFACE should be wlan0 if only one wifi dongle is attached.



buildroot-submodule is provided under the GPLv3 or later. The licence is provided in the LICENCE file. Note that this licence only covers the files provided by buildroot-submodule. It does not cover buildroot (which is GPLv2 or later) nor any software installed by buildroot (they have their own licences) nor your own code (which you are free to licence as you want).

everything else ("my own code")

All code written by me is provided under the MIT License.