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A system to automate your backtracks, lighting- and videoshow.
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Rocket Show

An app to play shows including audio, video, lighting (e.g. DMX) and MIDI.

For developers



  1. Build the Java JAR: mvn install
  2. Start the backend server: java -jar rocketshow.jar
  3. Start web frontend server: cd src/main/webapp && npx ng serve

Check the state of the backend: http://localhost:8080/api/system/state
Open the web application: http://localhost:4200


Seed directory

The seed directory structure '/dist/rocketshow' can be packed on a mac with this commands (assuming you're currently in the 'dist' directory):

COPYFILE_DISABLE=true tar -c --exclude='.DS_Store' -zf directory.tar.gz rocketshow

Raspberry Pi Image building

These steps describe how to build a Raspberry Pi image based on the DietPi distribution on a Mac OS X. Raspbian Light is not supported, because audio playback is laggy.

  1. Flash an image with DietPi 6.17 ARMv6-Stretch to an SD card.
  2. Remove the card from the Mac and add it again.
  3. There should now be a directory /Volumes/boot available
  4. Execute the shell script dist/install/
  5. This script prepared the configuration for Rocket Show.
  6. Safely remove the SD card and use a Raspberry Pi connected to the internet to boot it. According to DietPi, unfortunately there is currently no possibility to build the image without a Raspberry Pi.
  7. Let the Raspberry Pi finish its boot process and install all required software.
  8. SSH into it (username = root, password = dietpi) and run the following code:
cd /tmp
chmod +x
rm -rf
sudo reboot
  1. Let the system start itself a first time, login again with ssh and shut down using shutdown -h now
  2. Add the SD card back to the Mac.
  3. Find its drive name with diskutil list.
  4. Unmount the disk. E.g. diskutil umountDisk /dev/disk2. 13 Create an image of the card. E.g. sudo dd if=/dev/disk2 of=/Users/vio/sdcard.img bs=512.
  5. Transfer the image to a Linux (e.g. VirtualBox), because gparted is needed for the next steps.
  6. Use to shrink the image.
  7. Zip the image using gzip -9 rocketshow.img.

Update process

  • Add the release notes in update/currentversion2.xml and build the war ("mvn install")
  • Copy seed directory directory.tar.gz to, if updated
  • Copy target/rocketshow.jar to
  • Copy install/.sh scripts to, if updated
  • Copy update/currentversion2.xml to
  • Copy update/, update/ to, if updated
  • Copy the new complete image to and change the file latest.php to link the new version
  • GIT merge DEV branch to MASTER
  • GIT tag with the current version
  • Switch to DEV and update POM and update/currentversion2.xml versions


The built application should be uploaded to and be named "rocketshow.jar". The file "currentversion2.xml" can be modified accordingly.

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