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Rocket Show

An app to automate and play shows including audio, video, lighting (e.g. DMX) and MIDI.



Warning: Delete node_modules/@angular-devkit/build-optimizer/src/.cache after each NPM package update to make sure, the devkit is not caching an old version (see angular/devkit#913).

  1. Build the Java JAR: mvn install
  2. Start the backend server from target directory: java -jar rocketshow.jar
  3. Open the web app on http://localhost:8080

For frequent builds, you might want to comment out the frontend-maven-plugin in the POM and make use of the Maven parameter -DskipTests.

To debug Gstreamer issues, export GST_DEBUG before starting the server:

export GST_DEBUG=3

While developing the web app, it might be convenient to start an Angular server:

  1. Start web frontend server: cd src/main/webapp && npx ng serve
  2. Open the web application: http://localhost:4200


Seed directory

The seed directory structure '/dist/rocketshow' can be packed on a mac with this commands (assuming you're currently in the 'dist' directory):

COPYFILE_DISABLE=true tar -c --exclude='.DS_Store' -zf directory.tar.gz rocketshow

Raspberry Pi Image building

This script is used to build the image (may take about 45 minutes). Preparation should be done according to the readme in the GIT repo.

git clone
cd pi-gen
git checkout tags/2019-07-10-raspbian-buster

echo "IMG_NAME='RocketShow'" > config

touch ./stage3/SKIP ./stage4/SKIP ./stage5/SKIP
rm stage4/EXPORT* stage5/EXPORT*

# Enhance stage2 with rocketshow
mkdir ./stage2/99-rocket-show

cat <<'EOF' >./stage2/99-rocket-show/
cd /tmp
chmod +x
rm -rf

chmod +x ./stage2/99-rocket-show/

apt-get update


Update process

  • Add the release notes in dist/currentversion2.xml and update the date on top
  • Build the jar with Maven
  • Copy target/rocketshow.jar to
  • Copy dist/currentversion2.xml to
  • GIT merge DEV branch to MASTER
  • GIT tag with the current version
  • Switch to DEV and update POM and dist/currentversion2.xml versions


  • Copy install/.sh scripts to, if updated
  • Copy dist/, dist/ to, if updated
  • Copy the new complete image to and change the file latest.php to link the new version
  • Copy seed directory directory.tar.gz to, if updated


The built application should be uploaded to and be named "rocketshow.jar". The file "currentversion2.xml" can be modified accordingly.

Code structure



The Rocket Show server is written in Java and uses Spring Boot ( for easier configuration and dependency injection. Gstreamer (, a framework written in C, is included as multimedia playback backend.

Spring services are autowired into each other (dependency injection). The interface is named XyService, the corresponding implementation is called DefaultXyService.

The class RocketShowApplication serves as the application entry point. Some beans are initialized in the correct order.

There is a player service, which organises all composition players (responsible for the playback of a single composition). Parallel playbacks are possible as well.

The code is structured in different modules, which are described in more details below.

Base functionalities

A few base services and models lie in the root folder (e.g. settings, session-handling).


This module is responsible for the communication with the web app and with other Rocket Show devices. A couple of REST interfaces are exposed as well as some web sockets for time critical topics or where server push is required.


Services related to audio playback.


Handling the composition and the composition player.


Rocket Show specific calls to the native Gstreamer C api.


Handling the image displaying.


Responsible for the connection of Rocket Show to the Open Lighting Architecture to control connected lighting interfaces. Services for designer project playback also lies here.


MIDI input, output routing and mapping.


Raspberry Pi specific services (e.g. GPIO triggers).


Various utilities used across the project.

Web app