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Tetrys ☳ Build Status

Tetris as Progressive Web Application (currently still in active development).

News 🔥

I am currently searching for a designer to partner me! Please get in touch with me, if you're interested in collaboration.

Development 🔧

This application requires Node.js >=6.0.0 to run locally and the Redux DevTools for debugging Redux applications.

To get started, npm install all dependencies. To run the application in development mode, use the npm run dev command. A production build can be created with npm run build.

Updating service worker version

The service worker version is tied to the package.json version. To bump the applications and service worker versions, use npm version command:

npm version [ major | minor | patch ]


Tetrys uses Redux as state container, and no view library. The Sass architecture follows the 7-1 Pattern from Sass-Guidelines.

Tools, Resources and Credits ❤️

This project couldn't have been build without the awesome open source tools from the community, free online tutorials, articles, and other resources. Credits goes to:

License ©️

Apache License, Version 2.0