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* Improved compatibility with Rails' pagination feature, <tt>Model::fulltext_search</tt> now takes a <tt>:count</tt> parameter which will return the number of matches for your query instead of retrieving the actual documents and instantiating the results.
* Added compatibility with Rails' STI feature. The base class of an inherited model is stored in the type_base attribute, so please reindex your STI models after applying this update. After that, the following is possible (presuming <tt>CommentNotification</tt> descends from <tt>Notification</tt>):
CommentNotification.fulltext_search('') # Returns all indexed CommentNotification records
Notification.fulltext_search('') # Returns both CommentNotification records and Notification
# records as well as any other indexed child objects
* Force query conditions to support HE's simple format. Queries like these work now:
Article.fulltext_search('mau*') # Matches 'mau' at the beginning of a word
Article.fulltext_search('*ris') # Matches 'ris' at the end of a word
Article.fulltext_search('*^m.*is$*') # Regular expression to match words that begin with 'm' and end in 'is'
* Initial release
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