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Systemd unit template

This unit template allows dynamic instances of cryptostalker watching different directories (e.g. when using zfs datasets, different mount points, ...). It is useful on file servers (e.g. samba).


Just copy to /lib/systemd/system/ and adjust the paths or copy the binary into /usr/local/bin/.


Watchout for some bogus systemd escapings (systemd-escape can be useful for testing)!

  • - becomes /

This enables cryptostalker for /share/invoice:

systemctl enable cryptostalker@-share-invoice.service
systemctl start cryptostalker@-share-invoice.service

If your folder already contains-, you'll need \x2d (e.g. /internal-share/files/payslip):

systemctl enable cryptostalker@-internal\x2dshare-files-payslip.service
systemctl start cryptostalker@-internal\\x2dshare-files-payslip.service # <-- mind the shell-escaped backslash!