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Custom Drupal 8 module that provides better meta tag integration in a much more friendly experience than the official Metatag module
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Drupal 8 - Optimized Meta (work in progress)

I always used Metatag module and I find it really useful but lots of times I needed to put some logic between what field use in what case so I've started creating my personal version


  • as for Metatag, this module will allows you to configuring meta tags for all the entity types
  • no index for users pages (login, register, password)
  • you can provide, directly from back-office, a list of possible field to use in case the first one will be empy
  • preview of the meta by inserting the url you want to check
  • list of inherited tags (if you are editing a custom node you will see the general node configuration)


  • custom back-end pages with configurations (done)
  • form for no index pages and function in order to make if work (done)
  • list of entity types (in progress...)
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