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morphological tagging of the SBL Greek New Testament
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Project to merge the MorphGNT analysis with the SBLGNT text.

The SBLGNT text itself is subject to the SBLGNT EULA and the morphological parsing and lemmatization is made available under a CC-BY-SA License.

How to cite

Tauber, J. K., ed. (2017) MorphGNT: SBLGNT Edition. Version 6.12 [Data set]. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.376200


  • book/chapter/verse
  • part of speech
  • parsing code
  • text (including punctuation)
  • word (with punctuation stripped)
  • normalized word
  • lemma

Part of Speech Code

A- adjective
C- conjunction
D- adverb
I- interjection
N- noun
P- preposition
RA definite article
RD demonstrative pronoun
RI interrogative/indefinite pronoun
RP personal pronoun
RR relative pronoun
V- verb
X- particle

Parsing Code

  • person (1=1st, 2=2nd, 3=3rd)
  • tense (P=present, I=imperfect, F=future, A=aorist, X=perfect, Y=pluperfect)
  • voice (A=active, M=middle, P=passive)
  • mood (I=indicative, D=imperative, S=subjunctive, O=optative, N=infinitive, P=participle)
  • case (N=nominative, G=genitive, D=dative, A=accusative)
  • number (S=singular, P=plural)
  • gender (M=masculine, F=feminine, N=neuter)
  • degree (C=comparative, S=superlative)

NOTE: The part of speech and parsing codes were inherited from the CCAT tagging and will be deprecated in the next major release of MorphGNT.

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