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OpenEmbedded/Yocto layer for Ubuntu Snappy support

This meta layer adds support for Ubuntu Snappy for all OpenEmbedded/ Yocto based devices.

This meta layer mainly contains the following components which are required for Snappy:

  • snapd
  • snap-confine

Try it!

  1. Follow the Yocto Quickstart guide to get your build host properly setup:

  2. Download latest yocto release

 $ git clone git://
 $ cd poky
 $ git checkout krogoth
  1. Fetch meta-snappy layer
 $ git clone
  1. Prepare the build environment
 $ source oe-init-build-env

Now add meta-snappy to your conf/bblayers.conf so that it looks similar to this

 BBLAYERS ?= " \
   /tmp/poky/meta-snappy \
  1. Finally you can now build the Snappy demo image via
 $ bitbake snappy-demo-image

Depending on your host system the build will take a while.

  1. Once the build is done you can boot the image with Qemu with the following command:
 $ runqemu qemux86
  1. When the system has fully booted login with root and no password. Afterwards you can use the the snap system as normal.
 $ snap install hello-world
 $ /snap/bin/


Please submit any issues or pull requests on out github project at