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2006-08-16 Chris Larson <>
* plugins/collie.c,plugins/corgi.c: Apply patch from Richard Purdie to
fix the microseconds field of the timeval struct, as it was
inadvertantly holding milliseconds.
2005-03-01 Chris Larson <>
* src/tslib-filter.h: BUGFIX: make the symbol used by the plugins,
tslib_parse_vars, visible.
2005-02-28 Chris Larson <>
* Add pkg-config file for tslib.
*, Create tslib-$LT_RELEASE.pc, and install
it into the correct place. Also change the AC_INIT 'PACKAGE' from
libts to tslib. Bump the LT_REVISION, since libts has changed a fair
bit now, in preparation for the 1.0.0 release.
* .cvsignore: Add *.pc to CVS ignore.
* m4/internal/visibility.m4, src/, plugins/
Fixup the visibility macros to set VIS_CFLAGS and VIS_CXXFLAGS, so
we can choose to use the visibility flags for the core lib and
plugins, but not the test apps, as the gains would be nonexistant
2005-02-25 Chris Larson <>
* AUTHORS: Add self to AUTHORS file.
* Deleted.
* Bump version passed to AC_INIT, set my email address
as the contact point for the time being.
2005-02-16 Michael Opdenacker <>
*, plugins/, plugins/linear-h2200.c: Add
tslib plugin to linearly scale touchscreen values for the HP iPAQ
2004-12-14 Chris Larson <>
* Files all over the tree: Apply patch to add support for using
the new gcc symbol visibility features that are available
in gcc 4.0 (and patched 3.4.x). Also import a few m4 macros
and general buildsystem updates to facilitate automatic use of
gcc visibility if it's supported.
2004-11-22 Holger Freyther <>
* plugins/dejitter.c: Sometimes after ts_open/ts_close/ts_open on
the first sample(s) dejitter will crash. memset the tslib_dejitter
structure with zeros so djt->nr's value isn't undefined.
2004-10-19 Chris Larson <>
* Files all over the tree: Fixed up a bunch of compile warnings,
at least some of which actually did cause breakage for the user.
2004-07-08 Chris Larson <>
* plugins/input-raw.c: As EV_SYN can be checked for at runtime rather
than build time, #define it when compiling against kernel headers
that do not define it (2.4).
2004-01-26 Andrew Zabolotny <>
* README: Updated documentation on module parameters.
* plugins/linear.c: Removed the bogus noxyswap parameter.
2004-06-14 Chris Larson <>
* src/ts_read_raw.c: Fix bug hit by me and identified by Phil
related to the way we call the raw read functions.
* src/input-raw.c (ts_input_read): Rename function, call out
check_fd to confirm sanity of this inputdevice, make EV_SYN
decision at runtime.
* src/input-raw.c (check_fd): Rework a bit, and check for EV_SYN
event availability.
* src/input-raw.c (mod_init): Switch from static to vars in our
malloced tslib_module_info based structure.
* src/input-raw.c (ts_input_fini): New function. Free malloced structure.
* etc/ts.conf: Add commented module_raw entry for 'input'.
* src/ts_config.c: Abort and warn when no raw modules were loaded.
* plugins/*.c: Use C99 initializers.
2004-06-11 Philip Blundell <>
* plugins/variance.c (variance_read): Also clear VAR_LASTVALID on
pen up events.
2004-06-09 Chris Larson <>
* plugins/ Ensure plugins get installed.
* plugins/input-raw.c: Watch for a BTN_TOUCH input key event,
to use it as an indication of pen release.
2004-06-09 Glenn McGrath <>
* input-raw.c:
- Rewrite !EV_SYN section.
- Never return -1, causes cursor flicker in kdrive xserver.
- Handle partial reads without throwing out data.
- Run through indent.
- Simplify.
* ts_config.c:
- Optimize to save some space.
- Fix long line check, they dont always end '\n'.
- Report the name of modules that wont load.
- Allow default plugindir to be set by configure.
2004-06-08 Philip Blundell <>
Patch from Glenn McGrath <>
* Renamed to ...
* ... this. Use AM_CONDITIONAL to enable plugins.
Fix confusion between input and arctic2 drivers. Install plugins
into ${libdir}/ts, not ${libdir}/ts/plugins.
* plugins/ Keep in step with AM_CONDITIONAL changes.
2004-06-07 Philip Blundell <>
* plugins/input-raw.c: Fix compilation errors.
* src/tslib-private.h: Remove #ifdef USE_INPUT_API block.
* Enable input plugin if requested.
2004-06-06 Philip Blundell <>
* tests/ (ts_test_SOURCES, ts_calibrate_SOURCES,
ts_harvest_SOURCES): Add fbutils.h and font.h.
(ts_calibrate_SOURCES, ts_harvest_SOURCES): Add testutils.h as
* src/ts_open.c (ts_open): Remove INPUT_API stuff.
* src/ts_read_raw_module.c: Deleted.
* src/ (libts_la_SOURCES): Remove ts_read_raw_module.c.
* plugins/input-raw.c: New file.
* plugins/ (EXTRA_LTLIBRARIES): Add
* Remove --enable-input-api option.
(PLUGIN_DIR): Place under ${libdir}, not ${datadir}.
2004-06-04 Philip Blundell <>
* src/ts_config.c (ts_config): Increase size of line buffer.
* plugins/variance.c (variance_read): Correct test of return value
from ->read method.
2004-05-10 Michael Opdenacker <>
* src/tslib.h: removed the obsolete comment that ts_fd is not implemented yet
* tests/testutils.c: new file, containing the getxy function,
previously in tests/ts_calibrate.c
* tests/testutils.h: corresponding include file
* tests/ts_calibrate.c: moved getxy, sort_by_x and sort_by_y functions
to tests/testutils.c
* tests/ts_harvest.c: new program to harvest hundreds
of raw coordinates for non linear touchscreens
(as found in the h2200 devices, for example)
* tests/ added ts_harvest.c and testutils.c
* tests/ts_test.c: now tells the name of the touchscreen device file
when it fails to open it.
* src/ts_config.c: added missing \n at the end of
"option `%s' not recognised" and "line too long" error messages.
Also made the error message clearer by giving the config file
name and telling that the number is a line number.
* src/ts_config.c: fixed the code testing blank lines
which didn't work for me.
2004-01-29 Chris Larson <>
* Make all the actual hardware access methods (minus input) individual
module_raw tslib modules. Remove reference to TSLIB_TSEVENTTYPE from
README, and update etc/ts.conf to include commented out entries for
the various module_raw modules.
2004-01-26 Andrew Zabolotny <>
* src/ts_read_raw_module.c: Added EV_SYN support for kernels >2.5.x.
This makes the touchscreen event boundary detection 100% correct
and removes the need for tricky assumptions tslib had to do until
now. If the EV_SYN macro is not defined, the old algorithm is
enabled instead.
* plugins/variance.c: Rewrote almost from scratch the variance filter.
The old variance filter made the input very sluggish because it
lets out only one of every four input samples. Now it generates
approximatively 1:1 output, except that it filters out what it
thinks are "noise" samples.
* plugins/dejitter.c: Rewrote almost from scratch the dejitter filter.
Now it just applies a weighted smoothing algorithm with most weight
in most recent samples; this leaves touchscreen input responsive and
still smooths out jitter.
* tests/fbutilc.c: Improved a lot; added line drawing, rectangle
drawing and filled rectangle drawing, support for up to 256
user-defined colors.
* tests/ts_test.c, tests/ts_calibrate.c: Update to take advantage of
the improved functionality of fbutils.c. The ts_test tool now has
a "drag" (old behaviour) and "draw" mode (the pen leaves a trace on
the screen).
2003-11-01 Chris Larson <>
* plugins/pthres.c, plugins/, Added pressure
threshold tslib plugin, which is used to ensure that the release
event's pressure is 0.
* plugins/variance.c, plugins/dejitter.c: Removed pressure threshold
handling from plugins, now that pthres is handling it.
* etc/ts.conf: Updated default ts.conf per changes due to pthres.
2003-08-05 Chris Larson <>
* Updated README documentation. Added information on what the various
TSLIB environment variables do, and information on a guideline for
tslib filter module creators.
2003-07-31 Chris Larson <>
* Corrected some issues with automake usage, which included changing
references of CFLAGS to AM_CFLAGS where necessary.
2003-03-12 Chris Larson <>
* Add a raw module linked list, connected to the primary list, to
facilitate tslib modules affecting ts_read_raw behavior.
2003-03-04 Douglas Lowder <>
* Added support for COLLIE and CORGI event types (thanks to Chris Larson
of the OpenZaurus project)
2003-03-03 Douglas Lowder <>
* Fixed segfault bug in src/ts_parse_args.c
2002-11-08 Douglas Lowder <>
* Added patch from Scott Anderson to improve tests/ts_calibrate.c by taking
median of multiple samples for each point.
2002-08-29 Douglas Lowder <>
* Added tests/ts_print_raw.c to print raw uncalibrated touchscreen events
(useful for debugging)
2002-07-11 Douglas Lowder <>
* Added code in src/ts_read_raw.c to handle reading events from the mk712
touchscreen driver on the Hitachi Webpad.
* Fixed a bug in plugins/linear.c (incorrect default calibration in
absence of /etc/pointercal)
2002-07-10 Douglas Lowder <>
* Added a patch by Holger Schurig <> to fix
issues encountered on an Accelent PXA250 board. The patch is against
tests/ts_calibrate.c. Among other things, it removes the extra event
that was being read before the first crosshair is painted.
* Modified the code in plugins/dejitter.c to guarantee that the "release"
touchscreen event (event with pressure=0 that occurs when the pointer is
lifted from the screen) has the same xy position as the preceding event.
This eliminates the cursor "jumping" that can occur otherwise.
* Fixed a bug in src/ts_read_raw.c that caused segfaults if TSLIB_TSEVENTTYPE
was not defined in the environment.
2002-07-05 Douglas Lowder <>
* now handles both UCB1x00 and H3600 type touchscreen events. Default
is UCB1x00; H3600 is selected by setting environment variable
TSLIB_TSEVENTTYPE to the value "H3600".
* With the above change, generation of is no longer required,
and it has been removed.
2002-07-03 Douglas Lowder <>
* Added back the code to open the virtual console (works if device file chosen
* Made the console device and framebuffer device configurable for ts_calibrate
and ts_test: new environment variables defined.
TSLIB_FBDEVICE (defaults to /dev/fb0)
TSLIB_CONSOLEDEVICE (defaults to /dev/tty)
On a system using devfs, the above should be set to /dev/fb/0 and /dev/vc/,
2002-07-01 Douglas Lowder <>
* Fixes to make this code work better on targets with framebuffers that have
more than 8 bits per pixel (changes to tests/fbutils.c):
* Removed the code that attempts to change colormap
* Temporarily commented out the code that opens /dev/tty1 (does not work on all targets)
* Fixed the test program so that the crosshair is drawn XORed with the text on the screen,
so the text is not corrupted when the crosshair moves over it. (tests/fbutils.c)
* Made the code much more configurable by adding checks for environment variables:
TSLIB_CALIBFILE -- location of calibration file for linear plugin (default: /etc/pointercal)
TSLIB_CONFFILE -- location of configuration file (default: /usr/local/etc/ts.conf)
TSLIB_PLUGINDIR -- location of plugins (default: /usr/local/share/ts/plugins)
TSLIB_TSDEVICE -- Name of touchscreen device file if not using input API (default: /dev/touchscreen/ucb1x00)
* Added new file, src/ts_read_raw_ipaq.c, to make code work with the h3600_ts driver
on the Compaq iPAQ. This creates a new library,, that should replace
the default if using this code on an iPAQ.
2002-06-19 Douglas Lowder <>
* Fixed a problem that caused tslib_parse_vars() (src/ts_parse_vars.c) to not
read parameters correctly from the ts.conf file.
* Made modifications to simplify and improve the performance of the dejitter filter
* Added the configure script and files, plus other files generated by, so that only "configure" needs to be run before running "make".
If a user wishes to rerun the automake and autoconf steps, run ""
and then "".
2002-06-17 Douglas Lowder <>
* I added a simple script,, to make it easier to change
and regenerate configure scripts and Makefiles.
* I made modifications so that npitre's new input API code is now wrapped in
#ifdef USE_INPUT_API. Added a new configure flag, --enable-inputapi, which
is turned on by default, and which adds -DUSE_INPUT_API to CFLAGS in all the
Makefiles. --disable-inputapi will return the code to its original behavior
of opening /dev/touchscreen/ucb1x00 and reading events directly.
* I modified plugins/linear.c so that it determines the full linear transformation
between touchscreen and framebuffer coordinate systems. This method not only
rescales and offsets the coordinates correctly, but also automatically takes care
of rotation or tilt between the coordinate systems, and automatically takes care
of cases where X and Y are interchanged. Therefore, the xyswap parameter is
no longer required or used.
* I found the framebuffer code in tests/ts_calibrate.c and tests/ts_test.c to be
broken, and fixed it so it works correctly (used ADS GraphicsClient+ and an Intel
DBPXA250 (Lubbock) Xscale target for testing).
Since there was a lot of duplication, I extracted all the framebuffer specific stuff
to new files fbutils.c and fbutils.h, so it will be easier to add more framebuffer
tests in future if desired. I also extract a couple of fonts and wrote simple text
printing code so text messages can be displayed in ts_test and ts_calibrate.
* I added a new configure flag, --enable-debug, which is turned off by default. When
enabled, it adds -g -ggdb -DDEBUG to CFLAGS in all the Makefiles. I have debug
print statements in ts_read_raw and in the plugins that are wrapped with #ifdef DEBUG --
this way I can see how many events are being filtered away and get a better idea
of what the filters are doing.
* Joanne Woo <> added C++ wrappers to the header files so this library
can be safely used with C++ code.