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- Update README, remove the cvs keywords bits, update or remove the plugin
- select'ing on ts_fd() is a problem. Our plugins can swallow entire events,
which means you could return from select and try to read non-existant events
from tslib. We should probably set up an event queue w/ an asyncronous
interface, or just make a pipe and funnel actual events through that, and
have ts_fd() return that.
- Give thought to what changes should be made going forward. In my opinion,
the top priorities are moving path selection for device open out of the
hands of the library user. Input knows it's to work with input devices, and
most other input_raw plugins have some idea of what devices they should be
working with. Perhaps we should move that into a new callback in the raw
plugins. Beyond that, one could consider making a generic filtering
mechanism for input events, injecting the filtered events into the input
layer as a new device via uinput, since most apps already support it, and
moving calibration into the library or a supplemental library, with user
selectable calibration algorithms.
- Parse out the old cvs metadata in the commit log to rewrite the git repo
history using filter-branch.
- Go through the history, using the original commit log message (minus
metadata) as the short log message, and use the notes added to the ChangeLog
in that commit as the long commit log message. Hopefully the parsing of the
ChangeLog diffs won't be too terrible at least for the common case.
- Produce a new, clean git branch, minus svn metadata, minus cvs metadata, and
minus a ChangeLog file (moved that info into the log messages).