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A simple particle system library for openframeworks, mirroring traer physics as closely as possible. Favors clarity and simplicity over performance.
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A C++ port of the Processing traer physics library, designed specifically for openframeworks. This addon focuses on ease of use over performance; you'll find that it's not nearly as fast as a lighter weight system might be. However, the hope is that it will serve as a useful addon for beginners or for people who just need to draft ideas quickly.


None for openFrameworks!

This addon has been tested with openFrameworks v0.9.1

If you want to port this library to any other flavor of C++, it's easily extensible -- the only reliance on openframeworks in the use of the ofVec3f class for vector arithmetic.


This library uses the ofxTraerPhysics namespace to prevent namespace collisions with common class names like ofxParticle and ofxForce. Hopefully this allows you to easily use it with other libraries! If you get tired of typing out ofxTraerPhysics:: before every class, feel free to use using namespace ofxTraerPhysics in your implementation files.

The entry point is ofxParticleSystem; create an instance of it via ofxParticleSystem::make() to get started.



This project uses the Git Flow paradigm. Before contributing, please make your own feature branch with your changes.

More Information

Jeffrey Bernstein's Traer Physics library that inspired this addon can be found here.

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