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papaya2 is a small header-only C++ library for computing irreducible 2D Minkowski tensors of image and polygonal data. The library needs a C++ 11 compliant compiler, and no external dependencies. More detailed information can be found at

If you're using this work in published research, please cite

Schaller et al., (2020). papaya2: 2D Irreducible Minkowski Tensor computation. Journal of Open Source Software, 5(54), 2538


papaya2 needs no installation, it is an header-only library.


papaya2 includes several demos which can be found in the demo folder, see the README file.

An interactive demo can be found at It is based on the JavaScript binding of papaya2.


papaya2 inclues a test suite based on catch2. It can be run with

cd test

Other language bindings

papaya2 includes bindings to Python, Matlab and JavaScript. See READMEs in correspoding folders for more details or


If you have some contribution to the software, please write an email to Bugs can be filed on github.