3D; Anatomy Atlas; Landmark Digitization; Fossil reconstruction
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MorphoDig Q10, not Q15... Nov 5, 2018



3D surface editor, designed for palaeontologists, palaeo-anthropologists and biologists

Visit the official web page at http://morphomuseum.com/morphodig

Build/Install MorphoDig on Linux (Ubuntu)

Unfortunately, MorphoDig cannot be compiled using the VTK packages in the repositories but we have to compile them ourselves

  1. Install the necessary build tools sudo apt install build-essential qtbase5-dev cmake-curses-gui
  2. Install the current VTK version (8.1)
wget https://www.vtk.org/files/release/8.1/VTK-8.1.1.tar.gz
tar -xzfv VTK-8.1.1.tar.gz`
mkdir vtk8.1-build
cd vtk8.1-build
cmake ../VTK-8.1.1 -DVTK_Group_Imaging=ON -DVTK_Group_Qt=ON -DVTK_Group_Rendering=ON -DVTK_Group_StandAlone=ON -DVTK_Group_Views=ON
sudo make install
  1. Install MorphoDig
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../MorphoDig
  1. Run MorphoDig (from the build directory)

Install morphodig binaries for Windows

Windows binaries are downloadable at the following address : http://morphomuseum.com/morphodig

Build morphodig on Windows

  1. install visual studio 2015 express for desktop.
  2. install Qt 5
  3. download and install CMAKE (>=3.3.x) (http://cmake.org).
  4. download and build VTK (>=8.1) (http://vtk.org) using CMAKE with the following options VTK_QT_VERSION : 5 VTK_Group_Qt : v vtlGuiSupportQt: v Module_vtkGUISupportQtOpenGL : v

Then d to environmentvariables QTDIR {PATH TO QT}\5.X\msvc2015_64 Append environment PATH : D:\Qt\5.X\msvc2015_64\bin Append PATH {PATH TO VTK_BIN}\bin\Release (needed to access the .dll!) Append PATH {PATH TO VTK_BIN} (needed for CMAKE to find which version of VTK is present on the computer) Append PATH {PATH TO QT}\5.X\msvc2015_64\bin

Load CMAKE after Path has been modified

Then add the directory where your .dll files have been created in your path. 6. get MorphoDig and build it (http://github.com/morphomuseum/MorphoDig).

Build morphodig on OS X

MorphoDig has not been compiled yet on Mac Os. Theoretically, MorphoDig should run on Mac without problem (very minor corrections may have to be applied though). Help would be appreciated to compile and distribute MorphoDig on Mac!