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An open, simple and highly customisable notification/alert system for live streams on Twitch and YouTube.
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Broadcast Notification System

The Broadcast Notification System (BNS) is an open, simple and highly customisable notification/alert system for live streams on Twitch and YouTube.


  • Complete design freedom (fully HTML, CSS and JS editing)
  • Trigger different notifications and variations according to your own rules (soon with v0.11)
  • Modern and lightweight dashboard with different options, activity feed and weekly statistics
  • Different API support (look at notes)
  • Passwordless authentication (optional)
  • Runs on your local machine and on remote hosts
  • Cross-platform support


The project is still in development and not feature complete! Roadmap

Notification type support

  • Follows
  • Subscriptions
  • Donations
  • Hosts

API support

  • Twitch
  • Streamlabs
  • TipeeeStream
  • Twitch Event Tracker (own project)
  • YouTube

Current restrictions

  • Only new subscriptions will show up, no resubs! (This will change with a future API implementation like TipeeeStream)


  • HTML and CSS skills (+ JS optional)
  • Technical know-how
  • NodeJS runtime
  • Server (optional)
  • OBS Studio + Browser plugin (plugin in full package included)

Getting started


  1. Download and install the current NodeJS version
  2. Download and extract or clone the repo
  3. Open the bash or command prompt and switch to BNS directory (as admin on Windows)

Install it with

$ npm install --only=production

Configure the app via config.js in the root directory

Start the app with

$ npm start --production


  1. Open the dashboard via http://localhost:8080 or what you have configured (for best experience please use a chromium based browser)
  2. Make your settings
  3. Take the default template as example and build your own
  4. Put http://localhost:8080/notification[/endpoint] in your OBS browser source (if authentication on, with token at the end)

If you have questions or find a bug, please open an issue

A better guide and wiki will follow later!

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