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KopiDoc is an application that reads and monitors Java source code, 
indexing documentation and making it available via a web interface 
that KopiDoc serves at http://localhost:8080/.

Once you have the source, it should build and run without much hackery
assuming you have maven installed. Just go into KopiDoc and 


That'll do the work of downloading dependencies, building and running
it. Once its running, you can go to http://localhost:8080/ in your 
browser. If all goes well, you'll see a blank page. Hit the "?" key to
bring up a panel for configuring sources. 

To start, you might set the source path to be the KopiDoc
sources. Assuming you put the sources in your home directory, you might
set it to be


and classPath to


Yeah, that part sucks. Here's a quick pro-tip: for maven projects, run
`mvn dependency:build-classpath` to get the runtime class path. You can
also run the thing without setting a class-path, but KopiDoc won't be able
to link against remote repositories.

Once you have a sourcePath and classPath, you can run "Load Source". You
won't see anything on the page, but the console that has "" running
will show it scanning the documentation and adding it to the index. Once
thats done running, hit reload and you should see a left-side panel of
classes show up.

Hitting "/" on the page will bring up a search input on the bottom
right. As you type it'll search for your query and populate results. You
can hit the up and down keys to navigate the results, or ctrl-n and ctrl-p
to navigate. Once you select the source you want, hit enter to pull up its

When you want to view docs for an external dependency, it looks up the
package name against an ugly hard-coded set if if-statements. You can edit
those in src/main/webapp/kopidoc/controllers/class_document_controller.js
in the getDocumentationSource method.