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import requests
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
response = requests.get('')#Kanzō Uchimura's "Denmarukukoku no Hanashi" - this can be replaced with other html files from Aozora Bunko.
response.encoding = 'shift_jis' #Encodes the text to shift_jis to match Aozora Bunko's encoding.
soup = BeautifulSoup(response.text, 'html.parser') #Parser.
contents = soup.find_all('body') #Searches the body part of the text.
for content in contents:
title = content.find(class_='title').get_text().replace('\n', '') #Finds the title.
subtitle = content.find(class_='subtitle').get_text().replace('\n', '') #Finds the subtitle. Some texts do not have a subtitle, so this may return an error if run on a text without a subtitle.
author = content.find(class_='author').get_text().replace('\n', '') #Finds the author.
text = content.find(class_='main_text').get_text().replace('\n', '') #Finds the text.
f = open('aozoratext.txt', 'a+') #Creates a .txt file called "aozoratext.txt" or adds to this file if it already exists.
f.write(('Title: ') + title + ("\n")) #Prints the title in the .txt file.
f.write(('Subtitle: ') + subtitle + ("\n")) #Prints the subtitle in the .txt file.
f.write(('Author: ') + author + ("\n")) #Prints the author's name in the .txt file.
f.write(('Text: ') + text + ("\n")) #Prints the text in the .txt file.
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