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Designing a good exceptions hierarchy is more difficult than it looks. This one has been carefully designed after looking at how Python, Java and PHP's current SPL created their exception hierarchy. Furthermore, exceptions are not integrated into the PHP core and many of the exceptions used in other libraries do not apply here; there are no arithmetic or system exceptions because of this.

Exceptions Hierarchy

Note: all exceptions extend Spl\Exception, which extends \Exception.

  • DomainException
  • FunctionException
  • LookupException
    • IndexException
    • KeyException
  • StateException
    • EmptyException
    • FullException
  • TypeException

RIP InvalidArgumentException

You'll notice that InvalidArgumentException is no longer included. The reason is that most of the time you throw exceptions is because an invalid argument was passed; the name InvalidArgument is practically implied. Additionally, the name InvalidArgumentException is vague and unhelpful. Why is the argument invalid? Choosing a more descriptive exception is better, such as choosing TypeException if you were passed an array while expecting a string.

Introducing FunctionException

You'll also notice that instead of BadFunctionCallException and BadMethodCallException there is FunctionException. The most common case for using BadFunctionCallException was that you were passed something that is not callable. As of PHP 5.4 there is the callable type-hint which catches this issue better than throwing an exception. Additionally, that is a type problem, not a function one.

One use-case for FunctionException is that a user-provided function does not return the proper type of variable and you cannot proceed.