A set of MATLAB functions for direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation in array signal processing.
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What is doa-tools

A set of MATLAB functions for direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation related applications, including basic array designs, various DOA estimators, and tools to compute performance bounds. It serves as a small toolbox for my research related to array signal processing.

This repository also contains MATLAB codes that produce figures similar to those in my papers (may not be exactly the same due to the randomness of Monte Carlo simulations). You can browse them here.

If somehow you do not have access to MATLAB, you can use the Python version here.


  • Several array design and difference coarray related functions.
  • Commonly used DOA estimators including MVDR beamformer, MUSIC, root-MUSIC, ESPRIT, etc.
  • Sparsity-based DOA estimator.
  • Functions to compute the Cramér-Rao bounds.
  • Functions to compute the asymptotic covariance matrix of the estimation errors of MUSIC estimators (including difference coarray based).
  • Functions to visualize the estimation results.
  • Several useful utility functions, including a simple progress bar to display the simulation progress.

Getting started

Run startup.m to add doa-tools to your MATLAB search path.

Refer to the examples here.


The source code is released under the MIT license.


If you find my code helpful. You are welcomed to cite my papers here.