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A Light Table plugin utilizing Tern, a fantastic JavaScript code analysis server.


  • Auto-completion
  • In-line documentation
  • Jump to definition

The listed features are only a subset of what Tern is capable of, more to come.


Normally tern servers are configured through a .tern-project file; however, the ability for a workspace to contain multiple directories means multiple configuration files could exist for one workspace. Support for .tern-project files is coming, it's just not there yet.

Behavior Configuration

The default configuration for Tern is the browser environment (:lt.plugins.tern/libs :browser :ecma5). To change to nodejs, merge the following changes in to your workspace behaviors:

{:+ {:tern.config [(:lt.plugins.tern/libs :ecma5)
                   (:lt.plugins.tern/plugin :node true)]}
 :- {:tern.config [:lt.plugins.tern/libs]}}

To setup a configuration for RequireJS:

{:+ {:tern.config [(:lt.plugins.tern/plugin :requirejs {:baseURL "/home/path/to/project/dir"})

Arguments to :lt.plugins.tern/libs can be:

  1. One or many built in libs: :ecma5 :browser :jquery :underscore
  2. One or many file path(s) to valid JSON Tern lib(s).

Arguments to :lt.plugins.tern/plugin can be:

  1. One of the built in plugins: :angular :component :doc_comment :node :requirejs
  2. One file path to a valid Tern JavaScript plugin.


This is still a work in progress, pull requests are always welcome.


Copyright (C) 2014 by Eric Pritchett

Distributed under the GPLv3, see for the full text.