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Merge pull request #25 from TeachMeFly/fix-tern-start

Fix start-server behavior for use with new lighttable.
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2 parents 54accc1 + 2b3926a commit eb60aff5a583d36f49c15ff689ad61eb81e4d598 @Armaklan Armaklan committed Jan 26, 2016
Showing with 1 addition and 6 deletions.
  1. +1 −6 src/lt/plugins/tern.cljs
@@ -435,11 +435,6 @@
(notifos/set-msg! (str "Could not find Tern server executable" file) {:class "error"}))
-(defn node-exe []
- (if (platform/win?)
- "/plugins/node/node.exe"
- "/plugins/node/node"))
(behavior ::send
:triggers #{:send!}
:doc "Accepts a lt object 'this' and any type 'message'.
@@ -459,7 +454,7 @@
(notifos/working (str "Connecting to: " (:name @this)))
(let [cp (js/require "child_process")
config (object/create ::tern.config)
- worker (.fork cp ternserver-path #js ["--harmony"] #js {:execPath (files/lt-home (node-exe))
+ worker (.fork cp ternserver-path #js ["--harmony"] #js {:execPath (.-executable js/process)
:silent true
:env #js {:NODE_PATH (files/join plugin-dir "node_modules")}
:cwd files/pwd})

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