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A custom build of the file manager Double Commander v0.9.8. SVN revision: 9293.


v0.8.0 - r7623

v0.9.8 - r9293


  • cm_OpenDriveByIndex command to open drive by index, from 1 to 9
  • cm_MaximizePanel command to extend current panel to the 100% width and hide another panel
  • cm_ShellExecuteParent command to open parent folder in explorer
  • cm_ChangeDirToPrevParentSibling, cm_ChangeDirToNextParentSibling commands to navigate to the prev/next directory at the same level
  • cm_ChangeColumnWidth command to set selected column width to a specified value
  • cm_RestoreTabs command to restore all tabs to initial positions
  • cm_GoToPastTab command to switch between two recent tabs
  • cm_ToggleFreeSorting command to switch to the no-sort mode in the files list (disables auto sorting on rename)
  • cm_Reload internal editor command to reload the content of a file if it has been changed externally
  • cm_NewInstance command to open a new instance of the app
  • cm_Restart command to restart the app and restore current tabs
  • cm_EditFileNames command to rename selected files editing their names with a text editor, equivalent to the Edit names button of the MultiRename window

  • parameter 'SkipErrors' for the cm_Delete command to delete all files without showing errors dialog
  • parameter 'UnixSeparator' for the cm_CopyFullNamesToClip, cm_CopyPathOfFilesToClip, cm_CopyPathNoSepOfFilesToClip commands to copy paths with '/' separator
  • parameter 'CopyFolders' for the cm_Copy command to copy only folders structure without files
  • parameter 'CopyPlainFolders' for the cm_Copy command to copy only top-level folders without files
  • parameter 'OpenEditor' for the cm_EditNew command to create new file without opening it in editor
  • parameter 'UseInternal' for the cm_Edit command to open a file in the internal editor

  • added drive index near its label
  • added aliases feature (borrowed from MultiCommander manager), short commands are saved in the text file aliases.txt and can be executed from the internal command line
  • added possibility to use right arrow to enter archives
  • added possibility to change color for selected item with selection
  • added more info to copy/move/delete progress dialogs - current/total files/folders, current/total space
  • added column type which shows files/folders count for the current folder when the Calculate all folders size is called
  • added Ctrl+Backspace keys handling for the New folder dialog and Rename textbox which deletes the previous word
  • added possibility to create multiple folders from a list (added textarea to the New folder dialog)
  • fixed drive size line for helper views (search results, net drive, ...), keep the line to prevent panels jumping
  • fixed rename for folders with '.' symbol in their names, the name should be selected completely
  • changed copied filename pattern in the same folder (to a constant value 'name-%id%')
  • changed the cm_QuickView command to allow to show the content of currently selected folder in another panel
  • changed Ctrl+MouseWheel action to scroll filelist faster
  • disabled autocomplete on folder creation
  • removed '..' item in folders/archives for non empty folders
  • increased tabs height
  • initialized the filter with the * symbol by default
  • redesigned Calculate space dialog with larger font, non-modal type and Copy button
  • select files with current extension is extended to select all folders when used on a folder
  • when copying folders that already exist always 'Merge All'


  1. Install Lazarus 1.8.4. Install Cross Compilation Addon.
  2. In the r.bat modify OS_TARGET and lazpath variables.
  3. Run command r a.
  • To rebuild the code if build errors occur run r r or rr
  • To build the final ready to use executable run r p
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