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Dictionary shell application for DSL and DSL.DZ formats
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Mobile dictionary shell application which allows to add multilanguage dictionary files in Lingvo DSL format and search across added dictionaries in 1 or multiple language directions.


  • read and index dictionaries in DSL format (or compressed DSL.DZ variation)
  • select a language pair from the dropdown list
  • search for a word translation within the selected languages
  • resulting article contains word translation from all the dictionaries in the selected language pair
  • output formatted dictionary article
  • zoom article content with wrapping to allow comfortable viewing
  • navigate through articles using internal links
  • manage added dictionaries (change order in article, remove and view main information)
  • save and view search history ordering it by a set of conditions
  • change settings such as main storage directory, max results to show, article font size


  • Select a language pair on the right. "En->(*)" means from English to all available languages.
  • Type a word and select a result below.
  • Zoom the article, search the article text (from the menu), scroll by swiping the page or with a fast scroller on the right.
  • "Edit Dictionaries" menu opens a page allowing to reorder dictionaries
  • "History" menu shows all searched words and hits count and allows to order the results by word, direction, hits and date.
  • "Abbreviations" menu shows a page with abbreviation dictionaries corresponding to the current language direction.
  • in Settings it's possible to select Max Results to limit number of words to search, change article font size and increment size (for Android Kitkat+ devices).


Demo version can be found in the releases section.

Word Search Article Settings Dict Manager Dict Scanner History

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