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Try Lipstick!

Automatically stand up a Lipstick server and Hadoop cluster to try out Lipstick, a graphical Pig job visualization service.


Vagrant plus its dependencies (VirtualBox)


  1. From the command line run This will download the necessary vagrant box if missing then bring it up. This process entails installing a mysql server for Lipstick to store the state of pig runs, a tomcat server for the Lipstick webapp, and a single node Hadoop cluster for running Pig jobs. As such, don't be suprised when it takes a few minutes to complete.

  2. Kick off a sample pig job by running vagrant ssh -c ./ This will execute the provided example pig script which publishes job information to Lipstick.

  3. Point your web browser at You should see the Lipstick home page with your job running. Click on this job to see in-depth information about the Pig script and its associated Hadoop jobs.