plan9 commands implemented in go.
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plan9 inspired command line commands implemented in pure Go


go get && goblin install

While running the goblin install command, the goblin tool will chdir into each './cmd/$tool' directory in order to run os.Exec("go build") and compile each tool from source. If the tool is sucessfully compiled into an executable, the go tool then moves that binary to $GOTOOLDIR.


At the moment there isn't a mechanism in place that checks whether the tools in $GOTOOLDIR, (specifically the tools that don't belong to goblin), have filenames that clash with goblin's tools.

Therefore goblin install's current behavior is to just throw out the old tools and replace them with the new. In most cases this shouldn't be an issue because goblin will not install any goblin tools that would clobber a standard go tool. (i.e `"g", "l", "a", "c", "yacc", "objdump" etc)


go tool $cmd

run go tool to get the list of tools you can call with go tool.


Same license used for Go.


While this code is definitely inspired by plan9's tools, these tools are not a direct c to go source port of the original plan9 tools.

All goblin code is reimplemented a new code from the ground up, Therefore goblin software is not legally tied the Lucent Public License, or any other licenses that plan9/inferno software has been licensed and distributed under.

Futhermore, any code that is contributed to goblin may be rejected if it's blantantly obvious that the code being commited to goblin is a derivation of plan9's source code.

To learn more about the reasoning behind this policy: