Python IDE using PyQt5
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PyQt5 Python IDE

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A Python IDE made with PyQt5 + QScintilla.


  • Autocomplete with backtab, indent, linenumbers, syntax highlighting

  • Brace matching included

  • Sourcecode analyzing

  • Find dead code (using vulture)

  • Python Codestyle check (using pycodestyle)

  • Start terminal window

  • Start Python Interpreter

  • Filebrowser included (delete, rename .... files and folders)

  • Setting Breakpoints and run code until breakpoint included

  • should be cross platform :) -> but was tested only on linux !


pip3 install PyQt5 QScintilla vulture pycodestyle (use either a virtual environment, ' sudo' or ' --user'. ' sudo' is not recommended)


'python3' (or whatever you use to run Python)