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e04a305 Feb 20, 2015
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create or replace package csv_util_pkg
Purpose: Package handles comma-separated values (CSV)
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MBR 31.03.2010 Created
g_default_separator constant varchar2(1) := ',';
-- convert CSV line to array of values
function csv_to_array (p_csv_line in varchar2,
p_separator in varchar2 := g_default_separator) return t_str_array;
-- convert array of values to CSV
function array_to_csv (p_values in t_str_array,
p_separator in varchar2 := g_default_separator) return varchar2;
-- get value from array by position
function get_array_value (p_values in t_str_array,
p_position in number,
p_column_name in varchar2 := null) return varchar2;
-- convert clob to CSV
function clob_to_csv (p_csv_clob in clob,
p_separator in varchar2 := g_default_separator,
p_skip_rows in number := 0) return t_csv_tab pipelined;
end csv_util_pkg;