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-- general-purpose SQL types
create type t_str_array as table of varchar2(4000);
create type t_date_array as table of date;
create type t_num_array as table of number;
create type t_name_value_pair as object (
name varchar2(255),
value_string varchar2(4000),
value_number number,
value_date date
create type t_dictionary as table of t_name_value_pair;
-- types for CSV parsing
create type t_csv_line as object (
line_number number,
line_raw varchar2(4000),
c001 varchar2(4000),
c002 varchar2(4000),
c003 varchar2(4000),
c004 varchar2(4000),
c005 varchar2(4000),
c006 varchar2(4000),
c007 varchar2(4000),
c008 varchar2(4000),
c009 varchar2(4000),
c010 varchar2(4000),
c011 varchar2(4000),
c012 varchar2(4000),
c013 varchar2(4000),
c014 varchar2(4000),
c015 varchar2(4000),
c016 varchar2(4000),
c017 varchar2(4000),
c018 varchar2(4000),
c019 varchar2(4000),
c020 varchar2(4000)
create type t_csv_tab as table of t_csv_line;