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TwitchClipper is a .NET 5.0 cross platform compatible application, made to download clips. Downloading is done via yt-dlp, which will automatically be downloaded and saved in the project's folder.

$ ./twitchclipper --username Asmongold --from 2021-05-01 --to 2021-06-01

Downloading clips made by Asmongold
Grabbing the broadcaster's ID.
Scraping Twitch for clips. A total of 5 requests must be sent!

Clips found: 416 - Page 5/5
Found a total of 416 clips and 0 already exists. Downloading 416 clips.

Head over to the Wiki to find some documentation on various topics.


  • Custom save path expressions
  • Save ALL clips (no limit)
    • Many clip downloaders out there, can only download about 1000 clips before being throttled by Twitch. TwitchClipper has bypassed that limitation!
  • Skip download if a file with the same name exists
  • Filtering with date ranges
  • Auto update (checks for a new release on GitHub)


Head over to the Wiki to find the installation steps or download a release for Windows, Linux, or MacOS.

Auto update

To update TwitchClipper to the newest version, simply run TwitchClipper as you normally would, and hit y when it prompts you to update. If you don't want to update, simply hit n or wait 10 seconds. Alternatively, you can run ./TwitchClipper --update and it will automatically update.

You need to run the command you just ran afterwards again. I am replacing the executable file with the newest update, so when you run the new command again, it will run on the new version.

If you run TwitchClipper in a service or somehow automatically (like every hour), you can modify your existing command, by adding --update to it. If there is no update, it will simply skip and continue, otherwise it will download the update and install it.


First, you need to create an app on Twitch:

  1. Go to and create your app using these settings (or something similar)
  2. Go to your app page, find your application, and hit "Manage"
  3. Find the Client ID and generate a new secret
  4. Open appsettings.json

There's a section called TwitchConfiguration you need to modify:

"TwitchConfiguration": {
  "ClientSecret": "CLIENT_SECRET_GOES_HERE",
  "DownloadThreads": 5

Replace CLIENT_ID_GOES_HERE and CLIENT_SECRET_GOES_HERE with your newly found values.

DownloadThreads spawns x amount of yt-dlp instances. The higher the number, the faster your download will be. I do not recommend going over 10, as you might get throttled by Twitch.

Optionally you can also modify the Download section, if you want to customize where your clips are saved:

"Download": {
  "SavePathExpression": "/{broadcaster_name}/{yyyy}-{MM}-{dd}/{id}.mp4",
  "Locale": "en-US"

Few minor things

This is my first published .NET app. I'm a web developer, so please bear 🐻 with me.

  1. If you ever need to get the new version of this, you simply need to do git pull followed by the long dotnet publish ..... command.
  2. Edit appsettings.json BEFORE you run the dotnet build/publish commands. The file will automatically get copied to the publish folder
  3. When the authentication token has been generated, it will be stored in the new appsettings.json file in the publish folder (which will be overwritten next time you build)


  1. Custom input on how you want the folder structure to be. Currently it's USERNAME\YEAR\MONTH\DAY\CLIP_TITLE (aka "slug")
  2. Clean up some of the messy "if linux or osx then"-code
  3. Make the -u argument optional, and introduce some kind of flag you can set, that downloads from a list of users in appsettings.json
  4. Error handling (pff works on my machine)
  6. someone please see if it works on osx please THANK YOU @mauran
  7. Check if file exists before overwriting it (waste of time)
  8. Somehow allow the user to determine how many videos they want (filtering, basically). Not everyone wants every video (more suggestions except dates?)
  9. Refactor to Helix API instead of Kraken, which apparently was newer
  10. Make releases!