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KickJS Release notes:
- Added componentType to component, which let you easily access components from their gameObject by their type.
- Added animation system
- Added canvasResized event to Engine (old canvas resize behavior is removed - note this change potential break code).
- Improved context lost on textures
- Fix picking bug
- Add Graphics.RenderToTexture
- Implemented Observer pattern and refactored classes by introducing events (See kick.core.Observable)
- Added Skybox
- Introduce common components (in kick.components)
- Fixed problem with vertex array objects (WebGL extension) when updating mesh data
- Improved performance of interleaving vertex data
- Improved performance of AABB creation
- Updated to gl-matrix 2.1
- Improved sub mesh rendering
- Remove engine parameter from Shader.getPrecompiledSource()
- Fix rare bug in MeshData.recomputeNormals()
- Fix problem with renderOrder (which caused wrong render order)
- Fix Problem with normals after tangent recompute
- Add support for OES_vertex_array_object
- Add support for point sprites
- Now all classes must be loaded using require.js (this replaces the KICK.namespace method).
- kick.math is now based on gl-matrix 2.0 (note that parameters has different ordering - and out parameter is required)
- Changed class names in math module to start with uppercase (e.g. from vec3 to Vec3)
- Changed outer module to lowercase (was KICK is now kick)
- Introduced static reference (singleton) to engine. The engine can be referenced through the static field
kick.core.Engine.instance (internally KickJS uses a private EngineSingleton class). Note that this has removed the
engine parameter from a lot of functions.
- kick.core.ResourceTracker is now used very different - now mainly used internally when loading projects