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Contains commands useful for contributing to core issues
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Drupal issue queue commands

Contains commands useful for contributing to core issues.


  1. Unix environment
  2. git
  3. composer
  4. create-patch only: interdiff
  5. test only: phantomjs and chromedriver
  6. A Drupal codebase checked out with Git


git clone
cd drupal
composer install
git clone

Commands can then be run using php issue/command.



Patches a Drupal project based on an issue number.

~/repos/drupal (8.6.x)$ php issue/command patch

 What issue are you working on?:
 > 2962525

 What patch would you like to apply?:
  [0] 2962525-combined-12.patch
  [1] 2962525-combined-16.patch
  [2] 2962525-combined-17.patch
  [3] 2962525-17.patch
  [4] 2962525-combined-18.patch
  [5] 2962525-combined-21.patch
  [6] 2962525-21.patch
 > 5

Successfully applied 2962525-combined-21.patch


Creates a patch and interdiff based on an issue number.

~/repos/drupal (8.6.x *)$ php issue/command create-patch 2962110
Created 2962110-44.patch

 What patch do you want to create an interdiff from?:
  [0] 2962110-42.patch
  [1] Do not create interdiff
 > 0

Created interdiff-2962110-42-44.txt


Performs tests based on changed files in a project.

~/repos/drupal (8.6.x *+)$ php -S .ht.router.php > /dev/null 2>&1 &
[1] 41032
~/repos/drupal (8.6.x *+)$ php issue/command test drupal --url=

 What test would you like to run?:
  [0] core/modules/big_pipe/tests/src/Functional/BigPipeTest.php
  [1] core/modules/big_pipe/tests/src/FunctionalJavascript/BigPipeRegressionTest.php
 > 0

PHPUnit 6.5.8 by Sebastian Bergmann and contributors.

Testing Drupal\Tests\big_pipe\Functional\BigPipeTest
....                                                                4 / 4 (100%)

Time: 21.8 seconds, Memory: 4.00MB

OK (4 tests, 177 assertions)

For PHPUnit tests, you can pass the --filter option to filter what test methods or datasets are run.


If you prefer tracking changes with Git instead of using patch files, you should check out dorgflow.

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