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Q wrapper for the Interactive Brokers API
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A Q wrapper for the Interactive Brokers API


mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..

Optionally, run cmake -G Xcode .. to generate an XCode project or cmake -G MSVC .. for Microsoft Visual Studio.

The program will build a 32-bit binary by default. To build a 64-bit, run cmake -DBUILD_x64 ... For cross compilation (compile 32-bit on a 64-bit system) you need a few extra packages. Please see Dockerfile for an example of how to do this on Linux.

NB: The program is only tested on MacOS and Ubuntu Linux.


Running the following command will dynamically link the QIB functions into the .ib namespace:

.ib:(`:bin/qib.0.0.1 2:(`LoadLibrary;1))`

The program must have the function .ib.onrecv defined which should take two arguments; function name and arguments, e.g.:

.ib.onrecv:{[fname;args] show (fname;args)};
See `app/ib.q` for a more complete example.

To upgrade the TWS API download the source files from and extract the Posix Client into `third_party/ib`:

cd third_party/ib tar -xvf twsapi_macunix.971.01.jar

# Class Reference



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