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A dmenu wrapper which works like dmenu_run, but evaluates math you give it too.
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mmenu works the same as dmenu_run for the most part, except that if you type something that's not a command, the input string is fed to python. The result of running the expression is then shown as the prompt in a new run of dmenu. In this new run, only the entry '$' is available, and will exit the session; any other input will again be fed into python.

  • Some more variables and functions are available in your expression:

    • ans: The result of the previous expression.
    • base(num, b=16): Convert num to base b.
    • solve(s): Solve an equation.
  • Additional stuff:

    • clip after expressions will copy ans to your clipboard with xsel -ib.
    • $c or $C will be replaced with your clipboard content using xsel -b.



Just run it like dmenu_run:



Just put the mmenu script somewhere in your path. After that, change your window manager's menu hotkey from dmenu_run to mmenu.

These commands should do it:

curl | sudo tee /usr/local/bin/mmenu
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/mmenu

Using rofi or other menus

There is some support for using other menus than dmenu.

The tl;dr is this (though note that this still depends on dmenu_path):

mmenu 'rofi -dmenu'

More in depth, the first argument is the "menu command", e.g the command it should run to show the menu. The command is assumed to behave somewhat like dmenu:

  • It must show input from stdin as the menu options.
  • It must print what you wrote to stdout (even when it's not a valid option).
  • It must have a -p option to display a prompt.

rofi -dmenu emulates dmenu's interface, and thus satisfies those requirements.

The second argument is a command which should list the executables available (or whatever you want it to list). This defaults to dmenu_path. If you don't want anything dmenu related on your system, you can find some other script which does it, or write your own.

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