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#keep This is a fork of helloandre's project, which was to compile binaries that can be used in developer mode on a Cr-48 Chromebook. I added Vim, Perl, rsync, less, diff, zip/unzip, Subversion, and Mercurial. Also upgraded git and rebuilt Python.
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CR-48 Hacks

The purpose of this is to make the CR-48 more useful and conducive to coding. The CR-48 is a fantastic little netbook, but it lacks a bit for power users.

What this is

  • A way to use programs in Developer Mode without touching the rootfs
  • A way to be productive by writing code and checking it in on the CR-48

What this is not

  • A way to disrupt the normal operation of the CR-48

How it works

I took a standard install of Ubuntu 10.10 32 bit and staticly compiled a bunch of programs with it. Some programs need special paths set (see .bashrc). It's really that simple.

What is included

  • vim 7.3.353 (with no gui and some nice .vimrc tweaks)
  • python 2.6.6 (currently throwing a and errors, but nothing serious)
  • perl 5.14.2
  • ruby 1.9.2 with rubygems 1.8.4
  • mercurial 2.0
  • git
  • Subversion 1.7.1
  • GNU diffutils 3.0
  • rsync 3.0.8
  • Info-ZIP unzip 6.0 and zip 3.0
  • GNU less 443
  • an install script
  • dropbox support

If you want anything else on here, let me know. Or add it yourself and pull request.

How to install

  • put your CR-48 in developer mode
  • drop into a shell (Ctrl+Alt+t, then shell)
  • make your main partition executable with sudo mount -i -o remount,exec /home/chronos/user (don't worry, this will not damage anything
  • download this repo to a different computer, then use scp to put it to /home/chronos/user/cr48
  • cd /home/chronos/user/cr48 && chmod +x install && ./install

The install script will move everything into the correct place. It may or may not make everything executable, so you may have to chmod +x /home/chronos/user/bin/* NOTE: I have not tested the install script, so it may or may not run correctly. If anything is wrong, send me and email at

Known Bugs

For some reason and do not work with python. This is not an issue as I have not run into any problems (including cloning/pushing with hg/git). If you find a fix for this, please fork this and pull request.

Libcurl does not work with git (i haven't tried with hg). So you cannot use http or https with those.

Things To Look Out For

ssh (and scp) are really wonky. known_hosts is in /home/chronos/user/.ssh/known_hosts, but any ssh keys need to be in /home/chronos/.ssh.

Ruby was built with --disable-pthread; ran into pthread issues while testing, but am willing to rebuild if necessary.

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