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twstat - Stats charts from downloaded Twitter archives


In December 2012, Twitter introduced a feature allowing users to download an archive of their entire user timeline. By February 2013, it was available to all users.

To request your Twitter archive:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the "Request your archive" button.
  3. Wait for an email from Twitter with a download link.

twstat is a Ruby script that generates charts from the data in a Twitter archive. The output is in the form of a single web page, ready for hosting or private viewing.


To run twstat, you need to install the rubyzip gem. Run gem install rubyzip to add it to your Ruby installation.

The generated web page references the following libraries from online sources:


Run the following command to process your downloaded Twitter archive:

ruby twstat.rb out.html

Then view out.html in a web browser.

If you have already unzipped your Twitter archive, you may also run twstat directly on tweets.csv:

ruby twstat.rb tweets.csv out.html

See a sample output page.

Note: All timestamps in the Twitter archive are in UTC. For the Tweets by Hour chart, twstat uses the system configured timezone to convert those timestamps to local time.