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Slack Slash Commander

Call slack slash commands from cli.

What is slack slash commands ?


$ npm install -g slack-cmd



slack workspace name.
You can get web URL


slack slash command.
ex. /topic this is develop topic => topic


slack slash command text.
ex. /topic this is develop topic => "this is develop topic"


Slack Channel ID.
How to get Channel ID ?

  1. Go to your web URL
  2. Click the channel.
  3. Find the Channel ID after /messages/


Slack API Token.
You can get URL


slash command set topic: /topic this is develop topic

$ slack-cmd -w xxx -c topic -t "this is develop topic" -C xxxxx -T xxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxx

subscribe GitHub notification: /github subscribe owner/repository

Install GitHub Slack App:

$ slack-cmd -w xxx -c github -t "subscribe owner/repository" -C xxxxx -T xxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxx
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