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3fa4aed Aug 29, 2017
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// ------------------------------------------------------------
// Blog post code sample! Read the post on
// ------------------------------------------------------------
using Emgu.CV;
using Emgu.CV.CvEnum;
using Emgu.CV.Structure;
using Emgu.CV.Util;
using System;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.Drawing;
namespace EmguApp
class Program
// Determines boundary of brightness while turning grayscale image to binary (black-white) image
private const int Threshold = 5;
// Erosion to remove noise (reduce white pixel zones)
private const int ErodeIterations = 3;
// Dilation to enhance erosion survivors (enlarge white pixel zones)
private const int DilateIterations = 3;
// Window names used in CvInvoke.Imshow calls
private const string BackgroundFrameWindowName = "Background Frame";
private const string RawFrameWindowName = "Raw Frame";
private const string GrayscaleDiffFrameWindowName = "Grayscale Difference Frame";
private const string BinaryDiffFrameWindowName = "Binary Difference Frame";
private const string DenoisedDiffFrameWindowName = "Denoised Difference Frame";
private const string FinalFrameWindowName = "Final Frame";
// Containers for images demonstrating different phases of frame processing
private static Mat rawFrame = new Mat(); // Frame as obtained from video
private static Mat backgroundFrame = new Mat(); // Frame used as base for change detection
private static Mat diffFrame = new Mat(); // Image showing differences between background and raw frame
private static Mat grayscaleDiffFrame = new Mat(); // Image showing differences in 8-bit color depth
private static Mat binaryDiffFrame = new Mat(); // Image showing changed areas in white and unchanged in black
private static Mat denoisedDiffFrame = new Mat(); // Image with irrelevant changes removed with opening operation
private static Mat finalFrame = new Mat(); // Video frame with detected object marked
private static MCvScalar drawingColor = new Bgr(Color.Red).MCvScalar;
static void Main(string[] args)
string videoFile = @"PUT A PATH TO VIDEO FILE HERE!";
// You can download sample video used in the blog post from here:
// (4.04 MB, MPEG4 H264 640x480 25fps)
using (var capture = new VideoCapture(videoFile)) // Loading video from file
if (capture.IsOpened)
Console.WriteLine($"{videoFile} is opened");
Console.WriteLine("Press ESCAPE key in any image window to close the program.");
Console.WriteLine("Press other key in any image window to move to next frame.");
// Obtaining and showing first frame of loaded video (used as the base for difference detection)
backgroundFrame = capture.QueryFrame();
CvInvoke.Imshow(BackgroundFrameWindowName, backgroundFrame);
// Handling video frames (image processing and contour detection)
VideoProcessingLoop(capture, backgroundFrame);
Console.WriteLine($"Unable to open {videoFile}");
private static void VideoProcessingLoop(VideoCapture capture, Mat backgroundFrame)
var stopwatch = new Stopwatch(); // Used for measuring video processing performance
int frameNumber = 1;
while (true) // Loop video
rawFrame = capture.QueryFrame(); // Getting next frame (null is returned if no further frame exists)
if (rawFrame != null)
ProcessFrame(backgroundFrame, Threshold, ErodeIterations, DilateIterations);
WriteFrameInfo(stopwatch.ElapsedMilliseconds, frameNumber);
int key = CvInvoke.WaitKey(0); // Wait indefinitely until key is pressed
// Close program if Esc key was pressed (any other key moves to next frame)
if (key == 27)
capture.SetCaptureProperty(CapProp.PosFrames, 0); // Move to first frame
frameNumber = 0;
private static void ProcessFrame(Mat backgroundFrame, int threshold, int erodeIterations, int dilateIterations)
// Find difference between background (first) frame and current frame
CvInvoke.AbsDiff(backgroundFrame, rawFrame, diffFrame);
// Apply binary threshold to grayscale image (white pixel will mark difference)
CvInvoke.CvtColor(diffFrame, grayscaleDiffFrame, ColorConversion.Bgr2Gray);
CvInvoke.Threshold(grayscaleDiffFrame, binaryDiffFrame, threshold, 255, ThresholdType.Binary);
// Remove noise with opening operation (erosion followed by dilation)
CvInvoke.Erode(binaryDiffFrame, denoisedDiffFrame, null, new Point(-1, -1), erodeIterations, BorderType.Default, new MCvScalar(1));
CvInvoke.Dilate(denoisedDiffFrame, denoisedDiffFrame, null, new Point(-1, -1), dilateIterations, BorderType.Default, new MCvScalar(1));
DetectObject(denoisedDiffFrame, finalFrame);
private static void DetectObject(Mat detectionFrame, Mat displayFrame)
using (VectorOfVectorOfPoint contours = new VectorOfVectorOfPoint())
// Build list of contours
CvInvoke.FindContours(detectionFrame, contours, null, RetrType.List, ChainApproxMethod.ChainApproxSimple);
// Selecting largest contour
if (contours.Size > 0)
double maxArea = 0;
int chosen = 0;
for (int i = 0; i < contours.Size; i++)
VectorOfPoint contour = contours[i];
double area = CvInvoke.ContourArea(contour);
if (area > maxArea)
maxArea = area;
chosen = i;
// Draw on a frame
MarkDetectedObject(displayFrame, contours[chosen], maxArea);
private static void WriteFrameInfo(long elapsedMs, int frameNumber)
var info = new string[] {
$"Frame Number: {frameNumber}",
$"Processing Time: {elapsedMs} ms"
WriteMultilineText(finalFrame, info, new Point(5, 10));
private static void ShowWindowsWithImageProcessingStages()
CvInvoke.Imshow(RawFrameWindowName, rawFrame);
CvInvoke.Imshow(GrayscaleDiffFrameWindowName, grayscaleDiffFrame);
CvInvoke.Imshow(BinaryDiffFrameWindowName, binaryDiffFrame);
CvInvoke.Imshow(DenoisedDiffFrameWindowName, denoisedDiffFrame);
CvInvoke.Imshow(FinalFrameWindowName, finalFrame);
private static void MarkDetectedObject(Mat frame, VectorOfPoint contour, double area)
// Getting minimal rectangle which contains the contour
Rectangle box = CvInvoke.BoundingRectangle(contour);
// Drawing contour and box around it
CvInvoke.Polylines(frame, contour, true, drawingColor);
CvInvoke.Rectangle(frame, box, drawingColor);
// Write information next to marked object
Point center = new Point(box.X + box.Width / 2, box.Y + box.Height / 2);
var info = new string[] {
$"Area: {area}",
$"Position: {center.X}, {center.Y}"
WriteMultilineText(frame, info, new Point(box.Right + 5, center.Y));
private static void WriteMultilineText(Mat frame, string[] lines, Point origin)
for (int i = 0; i < lines.Length; i++)
int y = i * 10 + origin.Y; // Moving down on each line
CvInvoke.PutText(frame, lines[i], new Point(origin.X, y), FontFace.HersheyPlain, 0.8, drawingColor);