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MOSA Boot Image Tool

The tool several command line options. Sample:

Mosa.Tool.CreateBootImage.exe -o bin/Mosa.HelloWorld.x86.img --mbr Tools/syslinux/3.72/mbr.bin --boot Tools/syslinux/3.72/ldlinux.bin --syslinux --volume-label MOSABOOT --blocks 25000 --filesystem fat16 --format img Tools/syslinux/3.72/ldlinux.sys Tools/syslinux/3.72/mboot.c32 Demos/unix/syslinux.cfg bin/Mosa.HelloWorld.x86.bin,main.exe

The following options are supported:

Option Arguments Description
--volume Volume Name Set the volume name for the first partition
--blocks # of Blocks Set the number of 512-byte blocks
--filesystem fat12/fat16/fat32 File System type
--format img/vhd/vdi/vmdk/img Disk Image Format
--syslinux   Patch disk image for syslinux
--mbr Filename Use file for Master Boot Record
--boot Filename Use file for Boot Record
  Filename[,Destination] Include file in file system. Optional Destination will rename the file

The tool can create disk images for the following emulators:

File formats
Emulator File format
Virtual PC 2004/2007 .VHD
Virtual Server .VHD
VMware .VHD
VirtualBox .VDI
Raw Image .IMG