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Maven: The Complete Reference

Maven: The Complete Reference

Hello there. Maven: The Complete Reference in an asciidoc format. To edit asciidoc, use Emacs, use vi, use TextMate, use Notepad. There's really just a single file you need to worry about:

  • book-mvnref.doc

Figures? You want to add figures, look in the figs/web directory. You'll see a lot of distracting files in that directory. For now, you should just ignore them. Actually, in general, you'll notice a number of distracting files in this project. Really, just ignore them. Once I figure out this new reality, I'd like for this project to simple contain content.

Q: Right, so how do you build the book?

A: I knew you'd ask that, and here's the simple answer:

. On an OSX/Ubuntu machine:

.. Install asciidoc

.. Install dblatex and the docbook xsl style sheets

.. Install python

.. run

. On a Windows/CentOS machine:

.. Don't bother.

. On a Solaris machine:

.. What's Solaris? Is that an operating system?

Q: That's an answer?

A: Yes. Ideally someone will show up and tell us how to use

Q: All this seems a bit creaky at the moment. What happened?

A: I came to the realization that we needed a more nimble approach to all of our documentation. From books to training to blogging, it was a pretty quick transition, but from this point forward - it's asciidoc or bust.

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