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Current Version: 2.8.6


The Consent Management solution gICS (generic Informed Consent Administration Service) supports the management of digital informed consent documents. It facilitates checking for various policies and modules of a consent in real time.


Tested with Docker 1.13.1 and Docker-Compose 1.8.0

Download and run your Image

Note: your account needs administrative privileges to use docker change to super user (su) or run the following commands with sudo

Download files

git clone

grant read/write permissission to contained gICS sub-folders

sudo chmod -R 777 Dockerbank/gICS

change to gICS folder

sudo cd Dockerbank/gICS

if applicable: stop runnging mysql services on port 3306

sudo service mysql stop

check docker version (required 1.13.1 or above)

sudo docker -v

check docker-compose version (required 1.8.0 or above)

sudo docker-compose -v

run docker-compose to pull and configure gICS

sudo docker-compose up

this will start pulling and configuration of mysql and jboss wildfly and automatically deployment of gICS in the current version.

installation process takes up to 7 minutes (depending on your internet connection) and succeeded if the following output is shown


open browser and try out the gICS from http://YOURIPADDRESS:8080/gics-web

Demo: use the webfrontend to import demo domain config and preconfigured consen template from /demo_import

finish and close gICS application server with CTRL+C



Read our publications for additional details

Bialke M*, Bahls T*, Geidel L, Rau H, Blumentritt A, Pasewald S , et al. MAGIC: once upon a time in consent management-a FHIR tale. Journal of Translational Medicine. (open access) 2018; 16(1):256.