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Current Version: 1.8.0 (Oct 2018)

About the gPAS

The use of pseudonyms is a privacy-enhancing technique supporting privacy-by-design and ensuring non-attribution. Pseudonymisation allows storing directly person identifying data separately and securely from medical data and supports the data controller to meet the GDPR’s data security requirements (Art. 32 lit. 1 EU GDPR).

To facilitate the generation and administration of appropriate pseudonyms the Institute for Community Medicine of the University Medicine Greifswald (UMG) developed the web-service-based gPAS.

The use of pseudonymization domains, the specification of individual alphabets and generator algorithms allow for the free generation of different pseudonyms per data source, application context or study site.


Additional Information

License: AGPLv3, Copyright: 2014 - 2018 The MOSAIC Project - Institut für Community Medicine Contact:

Concept and implementation: L. Geidel Web-Client: A. Blumentritt


The gPAS was developed by the University Medicine Greifswald (Institute for Community Medicine) and published in 2014 as part of the MOSAIC Project (funded by the DFG HO 1937/2-1).

Please cite our publications:

Run your Image

(Tested with Docker 1.13.1 and Docker-Compose 1.8.0)

change to folder with download files

if applicable: stop runnging mysql services on port 3306

service mysql stop

check/set necessary writing privileges for the ./deployments directory

chmod 777 -R ./deployments

run docker-compose to pull and configure gPAS

sudo docker-compose up

open browser and try out the gPAS from http://YOURIPADDRESS:8080/gpas-web

Demo: use mysql to import demo domains and pseudonyms from /demo_import

finish and close gPAS application server with CTRL+C

Additional Screenshots

Domain Configuration


List processing


Show Pseudonym trees