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Mosaic Pixelated Client for iOS

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Mosaic is an open source iOS client for Pixelated, an open source email system that makes sending and receiving GPG encrypted emails dead-simple. Mosaic is developed using Swift and is still in a very early phase of development. Our goal is to implement an iOS client for Pixelated, that's easy to use and offers access to the most important features of Pixelated.

Where to find us?

To get in contact with fellow devs or just hang around and chat you can join our Slack channel. Simply join us on Slack. Mosaic discussions take place in #mosaic

Getting Started with Development

To setup your development environment you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Install the Pixelated User Agent on your machine.
    Follow the steps described in the pixelated-user-agent Readme
  2. Install XCode 7
  3. Set XCode 7 as your development environment: sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/<yourXcodeVersion>.app/Contents/Developer
  4. Install Carthage: brew update && brew install carthage
  5. Install all dependencies: carthage bootstrap from the project's root directory

How to contribute

  1. Read the Getting Started guides in our Wiki
  2. Find a topic you want to work on, simply skim our issues or talk to us on Slack
  3. Do stuff!


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