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NOTE: This is alpha software. Breaking changes are likely to be made as the interfaces are refined.

babble-android allows developers to easily integrate the Babble consensus engine into their Android apps.

A complete API reference can be found here

A tutorial can be found here


The best place to start is this comprehensive tutorial, which guides you through building the sample app.

For the impatient, add the following to your app's build.gradle file:

implementation 'io.mosaicnetworks:babble:0.3.1'

and start coding!

Library structure

At the core of the library is the BabbleNode class. This is a wrapper around our golang implementation of Babble. However we don't recommend you use this class directly (not initially anyway). We've included a number of ancillary classes in the library, which can be used as scaffolding so that you can focus on building your app logic. These components can easily be swapped out with your own custom implementations later on.

The scaffolding architecture is shown below.

alt text

There are five classes which you will need to implement, these will either extend classes or implement interfaces from the library. For a comprehensive tutorial on writing these classes see here.

Library Development

Building the library requires the Android SDK. This can be installed as part of an Android Studio install, or alternatively you can download and install the command line tools only.

The library can then be built, either by calling the relevant gradle commands from the command line or from within Android Studio.

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