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A Proof of Concept (PoC) IRC backdoor written in Python
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A Python3 IRC backdoor

A Proof of Concept (PoC) IRC backdoor written in Python3 NOT CONTINUED AS WE SPEAK

First off, don't look at it as a backdoor; look at it as a software to manage your clients from an IRC channel. I know this looks bad but it can actually do some good ;)

I used a "Echo" code for starting the work. Going for pure Python3 with socket rather than using existing IRC clients for Python. I figured this is much cleaner and easier to use.

Working Right Now

Sending Commands through the IRC channel and get back stdout and stderr in there. NOT WORKING: canceling commands such as ping etc. So be careful when issuing commands.

Future Plan

First, this entire backdoor is going to be re-written with Asyncio (partially done)

  1. Sending multi-line commands and bash scripts

  2. Adding PGP security to backdoors rather than SSL

  3. Adding File Transfer Feature

  4. Sending back command responses in a text file

  5. Error handling and freeze/timeout detection

  6. A lot more...

  • looks like Sending files/scripts and all DCC connections are a bit "too P2P" for a backdoor. So I'm staying out of it to find a better replacement for that feature. Although if you have a root backdoor there's SO MUCH you can do. I mean you might not even need file transfer/script features. Again, use responsibly ;-)

Relative Projects

  • Gcat, which uses Gmail as backend.
  • Twittor, A fully featured backdoor that uses Twitter as a C&C server.
  • Also checkout BasicRAT, a cross-platform Python Remote Access Trojan (RAT).


  • Fork me, star me, give me pull requests

  • Take a look at the code. Half (all?) the help and documentaiton is in there

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