Allwinner H3's GPU acceleration drivers (r6p2)
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This is the r6p2 compiled version of Mali400 GPU driver for linux. right now working only with fbdev and xorg AND Wayland

The most important file inside this repository is Also, look at all the 'readme's inside each folder. They're super helpful.

Also, the EULA for all these files are exactly the same as the other Mali userspace Drivers. At least that's what I'm told.

UPDATE: There seems to be a problem with the lisence information. I'm currently contacting Allwinner's legal team to solve this problem. 
In the meantime, you can read the code but I don't think you can fork and use it. 

Here's the original Readme:

	Author: Albert Yu (Allwinner Technology)

	Version: 1.0

	Date: 2016-08-08

	How to use GPU acceleration?
	(1) Load the Mali GPU device driver.
	(2) Copy the GPU libraries to the target board and make sure the GPU libraries
		can be found by executable files.

	When you copy the GPU libraries, you had better use -d option for cp command
	to copy the soft links because this can make the image size much less.