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Created on 17.03.2012
@author: moschlar
from tw.api import WidgetsList
from tw.forms import (TableForm, CalendarDatePicker, SingleSelectField, TextField, SubmitButton, Button,
TextArea, Spacer, FileField, Label, HiddenField, CheckBox, TableMixin)
class SubmissionForm(TableForm):
language_options = [x for x in enumerate(('Brainfuck', ))]
class ButtonTable(TableForm):
params = dict(cols='Columns')
template = '''
% for i, child in enumerate(children):
% if (i % cols) == 0:
% endif
% if (i % cols) == cols-1:
% endif
% endfor
engine = 'mako'
fields = [
SubmitButton('test', label_text='Test', default='Test', named_button=True,
help_text='Compile and run tests on your source code'),
SubmitButton('submit', disabled=False, label_text='Submit', default='Submit', named_button=True,
help_text='Submit your source code for final evaluation'),
SubmitButton('reset', label_text='Reset', default='Reset', named_button=True,
help_text='Reset this submission'),
cols = len(fields)
fields = [
HiddenField('assignment_id'), HiddenField('submission_id'),
TextField('filename', help_text='Filename (e.g. for java programs)'),
TextArea('source', help_text='Paste your source code here'),
FileField('source_file', help_text = 'Upload your source code file here'),
SingleSelectField('language_id', options=language_options, label_text='Language', help_text='Select the programming language for the source code'),
ButtonTable('buttons', label_text=''),
#hover_help = True
# Hide submit field
submit_text = None
submission_form = SubmissionForm('submission_form')
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