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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Created on 17.03.2012
@author: moschlar
from sauce.widgets.lib import ButtonTable
from tw.forms import TableForm, SingleSelectField, TextField, SubmitButton, TextArea, Spacer, FileField, Label, HiddenField
from tw.autosize import Autosize
class SubmissionForm(TableForm):
language_options = [x for x in enumerate((u'Brainfuck', ))]
class SubmitButtonTable(ButtonTable):
fields = [
SubmitButton('test', label_text='Test', default='Test', named_button=True,
help_text=u'Compile and run tests on your source code'),
SubmitButton('submit', disabled=False, label_text='Finish', default='Finish', named_button=True,
help_text=u'Finish Submission and submit your source code for final evaluation'),
SubmitButton('reset', label_text='Delete', default='Delete', named_button=True,
help_text=u'Reset this submission'),
cols = len(fields)
fields = [
HiddenField('assignment_id'), HiddenField('submission_id'),
TextField('filename', help_text=u'Filename (e.g. for java programs)'),
Autosize('source', help_text=u'Paste your source code here'),
FileField('source_file', help_text=u'Upload your source code file here'),
SingleSelectField('language_id', options=language_options, label_text='Language', help_text=u'Select the programming language for the source code'),
SubmitButtonTable('buttons', label_text=u'', help_text=u'''
When you click "Test", your submission will be checked against the test cases
you see on the assignment page. You are only allowed to submit if these tests
have been run successful.
If you click "Finish", your submission will be closed (and will not be
editable any more) and will be verified with the test cases visible to
you and probably some more test cases your teacher provided.
When you click "Delete" your submission will be deleted.
#hover_help = True
# Hide submit field
submit_text = None
submission_form = SubmissionForm('submission_form')
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