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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Created on 17.03.2012
@author: moschlar
import tw2.core as twc
import tw2.bootstrap.forms as twbf
from tw2.jqplugins.chosen import ChosenSingleSelectField as SingleSelectField
except ImportError:
from tw2.forms.bootstrap import SingleSelectField
class SubmissionForm(twbf.HorizontalForm):
title = 'Submission'
id = twbf.HiddenField(validator=twc.IntValidator)
assignment_id = twbf.HiddenField(validator=twc.IntValidator)
filename = twbf.TextField(placeholder=u'Enter a filename, if needed',
help_text=u'An automatically generated filename may not meet the '\
'language\'s requirements (e.g. the Java class name)',
source = twbf.TextArea(placeholder=u'Paste your source code here',
css_class='span7', rows=10)
source_file = twbf.FileField(css_class='span7')
language_id = SingleSelectField(options=[], prompt_text=None,
required=True, validator=twc.IntValidator(required=True))
def prepare(self):
self.child.c.language_id.options = [(, for l in self.value.assignment.allowed_languages]
super(SubmissionForm, self).prepare()
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